There are various places in the life of the people, there is a climate in various places.

Glimpse of the beauty of everyday life. Some of the everyday beauty of the person to stay hidden, the patient will not notice.
Show me the beauty of unexpected things can remain in place. Produced by a coincidence that beauty is not to say other than no longer necessary. An environment where people "mutual"natural wonder of the landscape is woven.

walk the city carry a pencil and paper. Rubbed directly on the camera itself can not touch, those depicted reflect the camera.


1968 Born in Ishikawa Prefecture Kanazawa city
1992 Graduation of Department of Art Studies at Tokyo University of Arts
1995 Tokyo University of Arts graduate school art research course completion
Current Professor, Tokyo University of Technology Faculty of Design

Individual Exhibitions

2014 “Archive of uncertain existence”/Gallery Iriya Tokyo(Tokyo)
2007 "Result of Ginza"/INAX gallery 2(Tokyo)
2002 "Shimonoseki・1000・Diary/INAX gallery 2(Tokyo)
1999 "day drawing 1999"/Akiyama art gallery(Tokyo)
1997 "day drawing 1997"/Tanaka art gallery(Tokyo)
1996 "Speculate"/Akiyama art gallery(Tokyo)
1995 "Work on Wall"/Akiyama art gallery(Tokyo)
1992 Gallery Q(Tokyo)
1990 Nagatani gallery(Tokyo)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 Otanokakera 2016(Tokyo)
2015 Art festival of the earth・Echigo tsumari art triennale 2015(Niigata)
2015 Niigata Water and Land Art Festival 2015(Niigata)
2015 Lake qualities Arts Program(Taiwan)
2012 Project "Memory of the town" ・Memory of 10,000 sheets exhibition Minamisenju(Tokyo)
2012 The 5th Art festival of the earth・Echigo tsumari art triennale 2012(Niigata)
2012 Niigata Water and Land Art Festival 2012(Niigata)
2009 Aqua Metropolis Osaka 2009(Osaka)
2009 Niigata Water and Land Art Festival 2009(Niigata)
2009 The 4rd Art festival of the earth・Echigo tsumari art triennale 2009(Niigata)
2007 Osaka Art Kaleidoscope 2007 "I want to meet Daioosaca. "(Osaka) 
2006 The 21st National cultural festival in Yamaguchi 2006・Sculpture exhibition(Yamaguchi)
2006 The 3rd Art festival of the earth・Echigo tsumari art triennale 2006(Niigata)
2004 The 58th Yamaguchi Prefecture art exhibition/Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art(Yamaguchi)

Koichi Sakao

Ishikawa Prefecture Kanazawa city birth in 1968. Artist. Professor of Tokyo University of Technology.
Continue to work on creating full use of original techniques of classical art technique called frottage. It participates in the art event in the provinces etc. and the work is progressed as a project in recent years.
2006 - 2009 Art Triennial Echigo-Tsumari (Work: LIFE works + green room project), Arts Festival of Water and Land Art in 2009 to form throughout the city of Niigata through frottage storage of water in Niigata vanishing "Memory of Water project Niigata 2009"
Currently, that work together to shape the memory of city residents move on the Minamisenju Tokyo "memories of the town of 10,000 storage Minamisenju PROJECT" is working.